palak neer dosa
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Palak Neer Dosa( Spinach Dosa)

I am from Bengal but got married into a Mangalorean family. Hence, when I was served this thin crepe made of grind rice with chutney and curry, I looked inquisitively. As a result, my husband enlightened me – it was known as Neer dosa. Consequently, my hubby’s Masi showed how to prepare. First of all, you need […]

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Apple Pickled Chutney

The inspiration for Apple Pickled Chutney is Bengali cuisine and flavors and this recipe is a fusion adaptation of sweet and sour Bengali Mango Chutney. I have used panch phoron which is a whole spice blend of fenugreek seeds,nigella seeds, cumin seeds, black mustard seeds and fennel seeds in equal […]